Loving Wild (Saviour Series Book 2)




Since the night we met, he’s been my constant. Carefully reconstructing the pieces of my broken heart and making it whole again.

But we can’t catch a break. As hard as we try to make it work, the blows keep coming.

When I’m finally ready to hand him all of my bruised and battered pieces, he shatters the trust we’ve built, and I don’t know if I have it in me to fight for what we have.

Is it time to walk away and save myself?

Or do I take a chance on loving Gabriel Wild?



I screwed up.

After putting her back together, I made a stupid mistake and broke the fragile pieces of her heart I’d promised she could trust me with.

She wants to walk away, but I’m not ready to give up on what we’ve fought so hard for.

I’m in love with Lauren Day, and I’m ready to fight for us and what we’ve built.

I’ll fight until she’s ready to take a chance on loving me!


Loving Wild is the conclusion of Gabe and Lauren’s story in the Saviour Series, but we’ll see more of them in Book Three, Chasing Blue.